In Finistère, public works and landscape craftsmen are ready to put pressure on – Brest

In Finistère, public works and landscape craftsmen are ready to put pressure on - Brest

The increase in the price of fuel hurts initially these companies suffocated by the increase in the price of non-road diesel. From 80 cents per liter two years ago, they now pay €1.10 to €1.15, including a 30 cent discount. This sharp increase in the price of fuel has a direct impact on these companies, with 40% of them experiencing severe cash flow problems, according to a recent internal survey.

Business goes down, prices go up

At the same time, these companies are suffering from a decline in activity volume, with margins and liquidity having shrunk significantly. According to the confederation, the explosion in prices also affects PVC (+38%), concrete products (+20%), quarry products (+15%), asphalt (+35%)…

A delegation was received on Tuesday 25 October by the Prefect of Finistère. Stéphane Jézéquel, the president of the confederation 29, asked for a real control by the state of the discount of 30 centimes given for the resale of fuel. “Where does the 30 cents actually go? ask the professionals who see the price of fuel continuing to rise. The profession also wants to benefit from a rate shield on fuel in the same way as for electricity and gas. Proposal currently rejected in Paris.

Desired temporary reduction of labor costs

Finally, they are requesting a temporary reduction in labor costs to deal with the decline in activity and cash flow problems. “Our 50 member companies, out of the 600 listed in the department, are mobilized and ready to move up in the field,” he says. We remember the spectacular blockades of the Brest oil depot which this confederation organized at Moulin-Blanc. “We are very mobilized and ready to sign”, adds the department spokesman, very concerned about the longevity of some of these companies.


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