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In Haute-Garonne, chrysanthemums are ready to bloom on the graves

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In Haute-Garonne, the overly bright weather in recent months has delayed the flowering of chrysanthemums.
After all, the “daisy of the dead” will be present on All Saints’ Day.

As every year for more than 20 years, Magali and Jean-Marc Burlin prepare to sell the chrysanthemums from their farm in Seysses, on the aptly named chemin du Tranquille. On the occasion of All Saints’ Day, 600 flowers in all colors were potted last week. Others are suspended, they will soon be cut to be sold in the markets from Friday.
The special weather in recent months has given the couple a hard time. “Because of the heat, the root closes, which blocks the flowering of the flower. It was therefore necessary to water abundantly. In normal times we water the flowers 1.30 a day, this summer we had to water 18 hours a day, that’s unheard of! Fortunately, we use water from our well,” explains the flower grower. Despite this shock treatment, six days before All Saints’ Day, some chrysanthemums have yet to hatch. “They are mainly Pompon chrysanthemums, they will bloom after All Saints Day. People will have to water them. Despite these few difficulties, chrysanthemums are beautiful and abundant, and prices have remained stable. Other varieties of flowers had a different fate, like Cosmos or Zinnia, cut flowers sold in Toulouse markets. “It is hot during the day and humid at night, which rots the flower. We had to pull more people out,” laments Jean-Marc.

“Covid has triggered an increase in activity”

It’s hard to know if buyers will be there this year. In 20 years, Jean-Marc and Magali have halved the production of chrysanthemums. “Today, people no longer take the time to go to the cemetery. However, Covid has boosted the sale of cut flowers. “Compared to 2019, our turnover has tripled on the Saint-Michel market. Covid has triggered an increase in activity. After the imprisonment, some came to us with tears in their eyes. »

Jean Alaux, president of the association of producers of Haute-Garonne and producer of chrysanthemums in Lapeyrouse-Fossat, makes a similar observation to the Burlin couple. “It is not an early year. Chrysanthemums bloom when there is fog and cloudy weather. Fortunately, the Autanvind of recent weeks has activated the flowering. The decrease in the number of chrysanthemum buyers is also explained by the decrease in the number of producers, explains the grower. “In Lapeyrouse-Fossat we were about forty and thirty years ago, we are now only three. The chrysanthemum requires more work. It is planted at the end of May and picked in October. By comparison, the radish grows in three weeks. Jean Alaux had to raise his prices by 20 centimes per pot chrysanthemum due to the significant increase in the price of terracotta pots.
We contacted a few florists in Toulouse to find out if the price of chrysanthemums had increased. Most traders indicate that “prices have remained stable”.

The flowers of many pompom chrysanthemums will bloom within a few days.



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