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In Morlaix, a few hours before Christmas Eve, they are all ready… Or almost! [En images] – Morlaix

In the middle of the afternoon, this Saturday 24 December, the streets of the center of Morlaix are lively. To the rhythm of Christmas carols playing over the loudspeakers, some still scan the windows, eager to find a last-minute gift a few hours before sitting down to the festive evening meal.

Bottle of champagne under the arm or box of cakes in the hands, it is also time for the final preparations for some. For others, the time is easier. Take advantage of the winter sun, it is an opportunity to go for a walk and drink a glass of mulled wine at the Christmas market. Enough to gain strength before New Year’s Eve!

Gaëlle, who was a seller at the Morlaix Christmas market for four years, was prepared for the usual number of customers on Christmas Day. “Not late yet”, but far from early, it is from 3.30pm that the latter comes to his shop for last minute gifts. (The Telegram/Morgan Kervestin)
Christmas spirit
This New Year’s Eve, you won’t come across many Christmas hats in the streets of Morlais. End of the magic or mild temperatures? Still, Sandrine and Nadia wear it proudly “because we love Christmas and we put it on as soon as we go to the market”. (The Telegram/Morgan Kervestin)
Christmas spirit
“No stress” for Agathe and her little brother Tristan, who have just finished their afternoon of Christmas gift shopping. As every year, mum and dad’s gifts are made for two, and on the last day. (The Telegram/Morgan Kervestin)
Christmas spirit
Before opening the presents under the Christmas tree this Saturday evening or the following morning, the youngest can use the toboggan run set up at the foot of the viaduct. (The Telegram/Morgan Kervestin)
Christmas spirit
Who says Christmas, says Christmas log! For the single day of December 24, the Traon bakery produced 3,000, including 500 for orders stopped three days before. Around 4 p.m., there were already less than a hundred logs left… And “the last ones don’t necessarily find their happiness”, warns the owner, Stéphane Traon. (The Telegram/Morgan Kervestin)
Christmas spirit
Before spending New Year’s Eve with family in Plouégat-Moysan, Driss and Clément went to the Christmas market in Morlaix to “gain strength” for the evening. Translate: a pancake and mulled wine. (The Telegram/Morgan Kervestin)



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