In Niergnies, 45 graduates, ready to take the next step

Last May, fifty candidates in the third or second class passed the aeronautical initiation certificate, forty-five of whom obtained it. The graduation ceremony took place on Saturday 26 November in the community hall in Niergnies.

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Five companies in Cambrésis have a partnership contract with the Louis-Blériot flying club in Niergnies (high schools Fénelon, Paul-Duez and Saint-Luc in Cambrai, Jacquart high school in Caudry and Pierre-Gilles-de-Gennes high school in Petite-Skov). From September 2021 to May 2022, students received theoretical training to prepare for the Aeronautical Initiation Certificate (BIA) at a rate of two hours per week. The aim is above all to make aviation subjects known and thus create potential vocations for the future for young middle and high school students.

In addition, the president of the flying club is Philippe Macé ” greets the young people, as the training is voluntary, which means that it is work on top of their regular school hours “. Likewise, Jocelyne Delasauvagère, BIA referent from the flying club and BIA project manager at the Academy of Lille, congratulated the winners because ” even members of the flying club found the subjects difficult “. The latter did not fail to thank the teachers who gave the courses to the graduates, especially Laurent Buissyne, computer teacher at the Lycée Paul-Duez for 20 years. He emphasizes the interest in this education, which can make young people interested, like him, for the world of aviation.

Mirage campaign

The 2022 session of the BIA, called the Mirage promotion, was sponsored by Philippe Lussiez, head of aircraft maintenance at the flying club. He had the opportunity to meet the candidates when they came to the club during their training. During their visit, they were able to observe and even manipulate certain pieces. Among them, Baptiste, enrolled at Fénélon high school, said he was happy to have attended this class. He specifies that obtaining this patent will allow him to apply for a scholarship to continue his studies in aeronautics if he so desires. Baptiste is one of the candidates to have achieved the mention “Very Good” at the BIA, which will give him a first flight offered by the CIRFA of Lille.

In the presence of their families, the winners could be proud of their success. The ceremony took place in the presence of the club’s board of directors, the company leaders, the association of reserve officers of the Air and Space Force and the association of non-commissioned officers.

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