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Incidents before Nice-Cologne: the lawyer of the released Parisian supporter denounces the treatment of his client

Maître Martin Méchin, the lawyer for the Parisian supporter, who had fallen from an Allianz Riviera stand during clashes on the sidelines of the Europa League Conference match between Nice and Cologne (1-1) Thursday, September 8, regrets the way which his client was treated. “I am surprised by this procedure involving only one person, out of the dozens involvedtold us his lawyer. My client was arrested at the hospital, referred for immediate appearance with 8 broken ribs. And the prosecutor asked for pre-trial detention despite his state of health and a clean record. »

This Parisian supporter, originally from Ile-de-France, was tried in immediate appearance before the Nice court on Thursday for “violence in meetings in the context of a sporting event”“use of rockets or fireworks in a sports arena” and “throw of a projectile presenting a danger to the safety of people in a sports arena”. For these facts, he risks three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros. He was released and placed under judicial supervision pending trial in January 2023.

During the Nice-Cologne pre-match, serious excesses in the stands of the Nice stadium took place between German ultras supported by former Supras from PSG, a former Virage Auteuil association dissolved in 2010, against Nice supporters and stewards.




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