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Insurance for electric scooters and bicycles: mandatory or not?

Having singled out the car as the absolute evil and faced the -sometimes artificial- difficulties of getting around the urban environment, new means of movement have been developed in recent years, the famous “soft mobility” so well sold by marketing.

Mobility that is not without risk

Also referred to by the acronyms NVEI (for New Individual Electric Vehicles) or EDPM (Personal Motorized Transport Vehicles), these “vehicles” are subject to numerous accidents or incidents. Faced with constantly increasing numbers, a logical result since the number of users is also increasing, this mobility does not seem so easy, not to mention the complaints – official or not – and the many bans or obligations that are starting to appear. a little everywhere in the area.

Although they are often accused of not respecting the traffic law, the users are not always the culprits. These machines are prohibited on pavements and are found on roads, in the middle of traffic and on poorly adapted infrastructures. Admittedly not very suitable, but also and above all poorly maintained despite the financial windfall of speed cameras, which were supposed to finance traffic safety and thus road maintenance (although in the cities this is the responsibility of the municipality).

Faced with this situation, it is also mandatory to insure your equipment in France, something users are not aware of. As in the car sector, it is the FGAO (Fonds de Garantie des Assurances Obligatoires) that, in the event of an at-fault accident, if the driver does not have insurance, covers the victim’s costs. But this fund will then be returned to the author of the cost, not without an increase of 10%.

Insurance companies such as Allianz now offer to insure these alternative means of transport. Whether it is for an electric scooter or, less commonly, for a hoverboard or a Segway, it is therefore necessary to insure your equipment.

Accidents are certainly much cheaper than with a car. It’s rare for an electric scooter to cause a fatal accident, but the costs can add up quickly.

And above all, if arrested, a fine of 3,750 euros can be issued by the police due to lack of insurance.

Fortunately, the basic rate is currently quite low, from €4.60/month with Allianz, but of course it depends on the price of the equipment and the risk of being insured.

In fact, as with allianz car insurance, this covers at least civil liability, i.e. damages caused to other users in the event of a responsible accident, as well as criminal defense and recourse in the event of an accident, regardless of whether you are the victim or responsible. A driver’s guarantee can also be taken out to protect you.

Some insurance companies may also offer additional cover such as theft or vandalism, although the risk may also be covered by other insurance contracts.

Electric bicycles are also affected

Another very fashionable means of mobility is the electric bicycle. As a land motor vehicle in the sense of the Insurance Act, it is also subject to insurance just like electric scooters, and yes! Whether it is a mountain bike that is mainly used to ride down forest roads or a small city bike, there is also a lack of insurance when you take a road, its owner is subject to a heavy fine, the same as for an electric scooter . or a segway.

But let’s be honest, the risk of getting fined for a bike is still very limited.



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