Insurance for your micro business: important guarantees in relation to your activity

Insuring your micro business is the smartest decision you can make right now.

You will thus have the necessary financial assistance when certain dangers arise that could jeopardize your business activity. Don’t forget that by being self-employed you can have a salary to pay.

Taking out such insurance will help you not to fail to perform this duty at the risk of having confrontations with your employees.

However, it is important to ask yourself whether your activity really requires you to take out insurance. Then you should take an interest in the statutory insurance in connection with your activity.

Does your business require you to take out micro-entrepreneur insurance?

If your activity is recognized as legal or regulated, you are normally required to take out miro-entreprise insurance.

The minimum required of you here is the professional liability insurance contract.

This choice therefore does not depend on the size of your company. This insurance covers you for damages you may cause to another person while performing your duties.

Many other guarantees can be chosen depending on your activity.

You can click here to learn more about micro business insurance. Before choosing one, ask yourself what risks could harm your business that you could not cover with your cash flow.

This will allow you to make more informed choices. The rest of the post speaks volumes about this fact.

You must choose these compulsory insurances according to your professional activity

To find out, you need to take into account the nature of your activity. In addition to this, you have to rely on the risks you will incur, the financial consequences, not to mention the number of employees at your disposal.

For example, if you have to regularly transport goods, taking out “goods transported” insurance should be one of your priorities.

No one can predict what will happen down the road. When an incident occurs, would you have the financial resources to bear the losses so as not to disappoint your customers? Certainly not ! This is not the only answer to the question of why you need insurance for your business.

For those who work in the building and construction sector (Building and Public Works), you will inevitably need to take out the ten-year guarantee. Thus, you will be able to repair the damage that would affect a building for ten years thanks to the reimbursements you receive from your insurance company. This avoids unpleasant surprises that could damage your reputation. Also, be aware that customers prefer to entrust their construction work to a professional who has taken out such insurance.

The guarantee for loss of goods under regulated temperature

If your activity consists, among other things, of placing goods in a cold room or in freezers and the like in order to preserve them, you cannot avoid insuring them. In this case, it is an obligation for you to take out a “loss of goods under regulated temperatures” insurance. You must bear in mind that when you are at the head of your micro-enterprise, it is your duty to repair any damage that may occur in connection with the exercise of your activity. This is indisputable when your civil liability is engaged.

Take out interruption insurance

This guarantee applies to virtually all those who have a micro-enterprise. It may very well happen that you are forced to temporarily stop the activity you carry out in your business. This often happens after a fire, flood, etc. Of course, no one can predict these unfortunate events. Cessation of activity will undoubtedly result in financial loss. You may even find that you have to part with certain employees.

But then you have to pay severance pay again. Will your cash flow allow it? This is the big question to ask. To avoid such a headache when it happens, get this insurance today. In this way, you will be able to compensate for the effects of this revenue loss. You will also have what is necessary to meet the fixed fees.

What if you operate from home?

It should be noted that home insurance does not take into account the equipment you use in connection with the performance of your activity. In addition, it does not cover any damage it may cause. So you have no choice. You need to take out specific insurance that can cover it. However, be aware that you have the option of contacting the insurance company for an extension of the guarantee.

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