Insurance. How to pay less for car insurance?

Car insurance is mandatory for all drivers who own a vehicle. Very often, the process can seem complex in front of the many offers that we find on the market. But in reality, the difficulty is not that great to be well insured.

When and how do you take out or cancel your car insurance?

Regardless of the contract you have signed, you should know that after the first 12 months you can cancel it or change the terms at any time. Before the first year, only changes in the personal or professional situation give you the opportunity to change or terminate your contract. Young drivers will pay more for their insurance in the first two years.

What criteria are used to define car insurance rates?

It is primarily the criteria specific to the vehicle that will affect the car insurance premium and the use that will be made of it. Premiums for young drivers are generally higher. Driver profile, number of guarantees, options, formulas, location, model and value of the vehicle are all criteria that will affect the final price. You should also know that insurance companies are relatively free to use the rates they want and define their contribution scales. It is therefore difficult to define an average price. The most effective way to get car insurance is to make several quotes and use the insurance comparator that suits you.

Guarantees adapted to your needs, the solution to manage your budget

Insurance makes up an average of 10% of the car budget. It is therefore important to choose the one that best meets your needs. It is therefore the analysis of your habits that will guide the choice of your contract: if you drive a lot or, on the contrary, very little, if you have a workshop, if your vehicle is more than 8 years old, etc. With the so-called classic formulas, third-party, intermediary and all-risk car insurance, it is also possible to adapt your insurance according to the use you make of your vehicle. Optional and/or modular guarantees can thus offer better coverage.

Compare and compete

New insurance companies, introductory offers, campaigns and other new formulas, difficult to be aware of everything that happens in the world of insurance. It is thus a real convenience to be able to compare offers with a single click without having to move. From the comfort of your own home, you can consult the details of the guarantees on a single website and get the best price adapted to your driver profile. The other advantage is that you will have a privileged interlocutor near you, since proximity, if you wish, is one of the criteria to perfectly meet your car insurance needs.

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