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Insurance: How to save money with Leocare?

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Leocare is a new generation of insurance. Thanks to its innovative way of operating, the start-up created by two Bretons offers very competitive prices for home insurance, car insurance and motorcycle insurance. It is possible to save 25% compared to traditional insurance. What is their secret? Insurance takes the best of digital and what it takes to be human to offer you autonomy and support. You are completely free to subscribe where you want, when you want, but if you have a question, Leoadvisors is at your disposal to answer all your questions. To take full advantage of the many Leocare services, policyholders download the application. They can thus draw up their offer and adjust the various guarantees. All documents must be downloaded for quick handling. How to save money with Leocare? Reply.

Leocare, a different way of working and attractive prices

Leocare foresees “the insurance of the future”. The company has 120 employees in its teams, more than 130,000 customers and offers 25% cheaper prices. How is it possible ? By offering insurance that suits its customers perfectly and, above all, at the right price. In addition, everything at Leocare is done on the mobile. The French can thus make large savings without lowering the protection of property and persons. They can underwrite guarantees in less than 4 minutes, day or night, weekdays or weekends. They have a certificate immediately after registration. Leocare even takes care of the cancellation of the old insurance free of charge. The Leo advisers are available via chat from the application but also by appointment.

Customization offer for perfectly tailored protection

Leocare offers different types of insurance, namely home insurance, car insurance and motorcycle insurance. In addition, there are other services such as school insurance or smartphone insurance, to best meet the needs of policyholders.

Home insurance is based on 3 formulas: Eco, Medium and Premium. This allows the insured to choose their own cover. The Eco formula offers all the classic guarantees except protection against electrical damage. The Medium and Premium plans stand out with protection against electrical damage and superior security guarantees. After an assessment of your goods, you can select the quantity at any time and change it from the application. To complete its guarantees, the insured can link the school insurance to the Leocare home insurance. This protects children from injury caused or suffered, whether they are in school, college or high school. Please note that this insurance also applies to those under the age of 25 who are studying. It is also possible to benefit from travel expenses in a convenience store, such as the locksmith, plumber or electrician.

Leocare motor insurance also offers 3 levels of coverage thanks to the Third Party formula, the Third Party+ formula and the All Risks formula. 0 km breakdown assistance is available free of charge in all contracts. It is the same for the loan of a vehicle. Whichever formula you choose, it is possible to enrich your offer. You can add options such as protecting another driver, even if it’s a young driver, or reimbursing awareness courses needed to get points.

Leocare motorcycle insurance works in the same way as car insurance. It has 3 warranty levels: Third Party, Third Party + and All Risks. Whether you have a scooter or a motorcycle, the deductible is €0 on equipment and accessory warranties. Because some people do not use their motorcycle all year round, Leocare offers the winterization service. This is 150 days. If you are not using your motorcycle, you can also go to the application and activate winterization. The price is then adjusted downwards. Last point, throughout the duration of the motorcycle contract, enjoy the insured benefit of a subscription to Liberty Rider. This application, which is also called the guardian angel of motorcyclists, allows you to ride with complete peace of mind. Several walking routes are recommended. You can also create the itinerary for your future trips. If the application is so interesting, it is above all that, in the event of an accident, it allows you to be located more quickly and therefore taken care of.

An application at the heart of the organization

Leocare’s secret is therefore its application, which empowers policyholders while saving them money. The insured choose their formula, but also the different options. They therefore benefit from personal protection tailored to their needs. The application also provides access to contracts. Policyholders can find out the included guarantees and avoid duplication of effort.

In the event of a complaint, the statement from the application is submitted. Once all supporting documents and any photos have been uploaded, a Leocare manager will contact the insured. The procedures are simplified and fast. Furthermore, 97% of policyholders remain with Leocare after an injury.

If you also want to save money, download the Leocare app and discover the offers available. Depending on your needs, you can take out the contract that suits you and then adjust the options and services. For example, families can purchase school insurance or register one of their children as a secondary driver. The insurance covers you as soon as the file is finished. All the certificates are available to you in your personal area of ​​the application. LeoAdvisors are of course available via e-mail, on social networks or by appointment.



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