Insurance Manual – Gilles Bénéplanc, Arthur Charpentier, Patrick Thourot

This manual has five parts with a similar structure? : presentation of the subject, explanatory concepts, techniques and models, summary. The first part deals with the theory of risks. It provides a definition of the concepts of risk and hazard, then a classification of the different types of risk and a presentation of theories and practices of risk management and transfer. The second part is devoted to the basic principles of insurance that structure this sector of activity? : risk aversion, insurance option, inversion of the production cycle, pooling and segmentation. Insurance is a financial activity and as such highly regulated. The third part deals with regulation, in its theoretical basis and its practical implementation in different markets, especially in the European market. The fourth part outlines the main techniques used to effectively insure and manage risk portfolios. The last part of this book deals with the organization of the insurance and reinsurance markets and the strategy of the various players. The analysis will be based on a modeling of the value creation chain to identify the winning strategies and the others.

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