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Tarro Tomà and P. Schumacher have been responsible for the MMA Morhangeoise and Castelsalinoise agencies for 5 years now with the aim of constantly improving the quality of their services and offering their expertise recognized for more than 30 years through the Sarrebourg office.

When synergy takes precedence!

“Their credo is proximity and respect for purchasing power. The proximity because these agents rely on a local team that lives in Saulnois and knows it: Aurélie Benoît, Audrey Maulard and Mélanie Vilpert. In Sarrebourg, the employees are also local: Mathieu Chayrigues, Sophie Ventroux and Isabelle Zolger. These professionals come from the world of insurance and banking and are able to answer all your queries. The teams are there to support you, advise you and offer you the offers that best meet your needs and respect your budget.

Focus on responsiveness

In case of a project, an emergency, etc., the staff of Le Saulnois and Sarrebourg are at your disposal and close to you in well-established agencies to handle your operations efficiently. Their quality of assistance in the shortest possible time and their expert advice are decisive. Home and on-site appointments are possible at any time. You will appreciate their day-to-day support, their availability, their concern for people and detail to ensure your files are completed on time.

Individuals and professionals

The MMA agencies in Château-Salins, Morhange and Sarrebourg work on behalf of individuals and professionals. The teams are able to support them for all queries. Professionals regardless of whether you are craftsmen, traders, farmers, industrialists, liberal professions… you will benefit from offers to protect your activity, your professional vehicles and fleets, your goods, you and your employees (social protection, collective supplementary insurance, etc. ), you and your loved ones (protection of your family and your private property). Individuals : you will benefit from specific and customized offers to protect you (you and your loved ones), your vehicles, your home, your health, your leisure activities, your money.

At MMA Morhange, Château-Salins and Sarrebourg you get the best guarantees at the right price, accessible and targeted proposals, clear answers, exchanges, quick decision-making and the proximity of the teams.

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