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insurance to protect against

By paying 24 euros per year, individuals will, among other things, be able to get financial help if their home is infested with bed bugs.

Small creatures and big trouble. Bedbugs abound in the homes of the French, to such an extent that 11% of them claim to have been affected by the phenomenon during the last five years, describes an Ipsos survey for, relayed by Le Figaro. ” This risk is not covered by almost all home insurance policies “, explains the founder of Badbugs, Nicolas Roux de Bézieux.

Launched in 2019, the platform aims to solve the problems of the affected people through bed bug insurance in partnership with the IMA group (Inter Mutuelles Assistance). ” To get rid of bed bugs, households pay on average almost 1000 euros including 476 euros for professional intervention (two in two weeks), specifies the founder of Badbugs. But the remaining 500 and some euros (discarded and replaced furniture, “homemade” treatments, etc.)have useless or ineffective “.

Bed bugs and mental disorders

By paying 24 euros per year, the costs of having your home cleaned by an expert are thus fully covered by the insurance, up to a limit of 500 euros. Those who want to fend for themselves will therefore not be able to benefit from it. ” 90% of bed bug victims treat their home themselves. It costs them 30% more than a treatment by a professional ” says Nicolas Roux de Bézieux. He promises that processing fees paid by individuals will be refunded ” within 15 days-3 weeks “.

In the case of a rental, the insurance of 24 euros can be recovered by the owner “, he concludes. One year after the first subscription, the insurance, which is renewed automatically, can be terminated at any time with a waiting period of three months. Please note that only one claim can be covered over twelve months. A hotel night at 80 euros per person can be offered to people whose accommodation is infected.

But before the insurance is hailed by a large number, it will be necessary to do pedagogy. That’s how Badbugs created a hotline open seven days a week to support individuals. In addition, they will be offered five sessions with a psychotherapist, because those infected, for example, were responsible for 72,000 medical consultations in 2019. Bed bugs are a problem that affects everyone and every home », figure of Nicolas Roux de Bézieux. He hopes to have reached 10,000 insurance subscriptions within a year.



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