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Insurance: which are the most expensive and cheapest regions to insure a car?

You are aware that in order to drive your car, whether you are thermal or electric, you need to be covered by car insurance! Motor vehicle insurance in France is a principle of compensation intended for motor vehicles on land… This insurance has been compulsory in France since 1958 and is subject to the Insurance Law, it allows financial support for material and/or bodily losses resulting from a traffic accident… The price on car insurance depends on many factors. Like the bonus or the penalty, but also the date of obtaining the driver’s license, the power and nationality of the vehicle or even the region where the insurance is taken out. So is it better to live in Paris or in Brittany to get insurance? Explanations.

Which regions were the cheapest in 2021?

In a study carried out by the insurance comparator, we learn that it is better to live in Brittany than in Pays-de-la-Loire for example… In Brittany, the average annual premium is €545.32 when you have to pay €571.43 in Nantes, or €568.16 in Rouen, in Normandy! Nouvelle-Aquitaine, with an annual premium of €583.13 for the same insurance product, was in 4th the ranking of the cheapest regions in France…

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And the most expensive ones, where are they?

Everyone will think that Île-de-France is the most expensive region in terms of insurance. And yet, although this region is one of the most expensive, it is not at the top of the ranking! In first place are the overseas departments with an average annual premium of €1,195.54, followed by Corsica with €829.26 and the Provence-Alpes-Côte-D’azur region with €756.03. €… Île-de-France therefore arrives with €718.47 in 4th attitude, swept away a little the ideas received about this vast region of France, the most populous of course! Contrary to popular belief, Île-de-France came fourth in this ranking of the most expensive regions, with an annual premium of €718.74. To find out the price of insurance in your region, you can e.g car insurance comparison via a site like to find the best price for your car insurance… And sometimes the price differences are really significant!

Where should you live to pay as little as possible?

Telecommuter friends, you will have to migrate to Évreux, Guéret or Auch to pay less for your car insurance… Departments with a “natural” trend that allows you to make some significant savings. In Guéret in Creuse, the annual contribution in 2021 amounted to €469.16, for Évreux, in Eure, it was €474.86 and for Auch, in Gers, the annual premium was from €487.17!

And where should we not finally move?

The most expensive of the French departments is a heavenly department in terms of climate and landscape, but much less attractive in terms of price… In Reunion, the most expensive department in France, you have to pay €1269.60 for a year’s stay. insurance… We will also avoid Bastia (Haute-Corse) which shows €844.66, Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône) with a price of €821.16 or even Ajaccio (Corse-du-Sud) with 821 .16 €.

What other factors can affect car insurance rates?

Regional differences are just a drop in the ocean of car insurance price differences. Young drivers who therefore have less than three years’ licenses are sometimes “murdered” by insurance premiums, especially if they have the misfortune of already having a conviction. The annual premiums for young drivers vary from €1048.86 to €1321.11 without regional difference or vehicle strength… Young drivers are not only those who have had their license for less than three years, but also all people who have not been insured over the past three years… Comparing before entering into a contract remains the best way to find the best price for the same guarantees. Think about it before you sign your contract.

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