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Investigators, lawyers, magistrates … In Nice as in Toulon, general mobilization this Monday to “save the judicial police”

The fire does not go out among the actors of the penal chain. It would even rather tend to gain ground.

Lawyers and magistrates intend to come and support the angry police officers, this Monday noon, during demonstrations organized in front of the judicial courts. In question: the reform of the PJ carried by the Ministry of the Interior.

This project plans to place, from 2023, all the police services under the sole authority of the departmental director of the national police (DDPN). Namely public security, border police, intelligence and, therefore, judicial police.

This departmentalization raises serious concerns in the ranks of the PJ, and well beyond.
“Behind this reform project presented as a simple reorganization are hidden major upheavals likely to seriously undermine the effectiveness of investigations and the independence of justice”writes the Syndicate Union of Magistrates (USM), in a press release entitled “We must save the PJ”.

For these magistrates, this reform “will lead to the absorption of the PJ by public security and will sacrifice a highly specialized sector on the altar of the mass treatment of everyday crime”.

“Hedge of Dishonor”

Loss of effectiveness of investigations, priority given to quantified objectives rather than the fight against organized crime, risk of increased pressure… All these complaints are among the arguments of opponents of the reform.

The express dismissal of the much appreciated head of the South zone of the PJ, Eric Arella, following the “hedge of dishonor” which hosted the director general of the national police in Marseilles, only worsened the situation.

Lawyers and magistrates should therefore come to support the angry police during the demonstrations organized on Monday. In our region, the rallies are scheduled in front of the Toulon judicial court at 12 p.m., and in front of that of Nice at 12:15 p.m.





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