Invited to one of his friends’ birthday, a little boy comes out disfigured

On Friday, December 2, 2022, a ten-year-old boy was attacked by two dogs while at a schoolmate’s birthday party, as reported by Le Parisien.

It is a terrible news that took place on Friday, December 2 in Loconville, in the Oise. That day was Hailé, a child of ten years invited to a friend’s birthday party of the school. At the end of the afternoon, the little boy decides to stay longer with his friend who lived next to him. This is where the drama happens and it gets done attack by both dogs family, American Bully, as reported The Parisian.

After the drama, Hailé said of the incident: “A first [chien] licked my hand. When the other dog, the bigger one, saw that his mistress was very far away, he bit my hand. When I wanted to free myself, I fell to the ground and they all attacked me“. A contradictory version by the owner of the premises, who maintains that the dogs were in another part of the garden and that the child had gone there without his permissionwhile the animals were “just as excited“than the little boy.

The disfigured child after the attack by the two dogs

The ten-year-old child was quickly taken care of by the firefighters and transported to the hospital center in Pontoise. disfigured by the two beasts. “His cheek wound is very deep as you can almost see the bone. She required 15 stitches. His eyelid, torn open, was stitched up and fortunately the cornea was not affectedsaid Rebecca, the child’s mother, before continuing to explain that he had received twenty staples in legs, face and hands.

If she has first filed a complaint at the Chaumont-en-Vexin gendarmerie, Hailé’s mother then learned the case was closed and that there was no question of criminal prosecution. In fact, the public prosecutor, Caroline Tharot, explained that “the investigations did not make it possible to establish any particular fault against the owner of the dogs“. Of behavioral assessments however, will be performed on dogs by a veterinarian.

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At the end of the afternoon, he decided to stay and play a little longer with his friend who lived next to him.

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That’s when he turned to the family dogs, the American Bully.

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The little boy would have fallen before he was attacked by the two dogs. A version contradicted by the animals’ owner.

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Rushed to the hospital, the child was disfigured by the dogs. He received 15 stitches in his cheek and about 20 staples in his face, leg and hand.

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The victim’s mother filed a complaint, but the case was later dropped. According to the public prosecutor, no particular fault was found against the owners of the dogs.

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