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is it only meant for the top 25…

The pension insurance’s answer

Periods of compensated unemployment are only taken into account in pension rights for equal periods (trimester validated free of charge for each period of 50 days of compensated unemployment in a calendar year, within the limit of four per year), and not in premium quarters (quarters validated against payment of contributions ). In this context, no amount is reported on your career statement because no contribution to old-age insurance has been paid.

Periods of unemployment count only to validate the duration of your insurance. The best years that will be used to determine the basic salary used to calculate your pension will therefore only relate to your periods of activity.

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Agirc-Arrco’s reply

Our organization awards supplementary pension points, provided that the period of unemployment is compensated for a period of activity carried out in a private company and that it is justified by the collection certificates from the Pôle emploi.

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