Is there an age limit to subscribe?

No one bothers to write the terms of their own funeral, and yet. A serious illness, old age, pushes some French to anticipate the consequences of taking out funeral insurance. But how to do it and what is the age limit to subscribe?

Although we are aware that “Fear does not avoid the danger”, it is sometimes difficult to prepare one’s own departure as well as possible. Taking out an insurance contract is, however, the optimal solution for enforcing one’s rights and wishes after one’s death. Moreover, if all the steps that make up a funeral appear to be organized on D-Day, it is very often because the preparations for the funeral and its entire orchestration depend on decisions carefully made by the deceased during his lifetime.

Why take out funeral insurance?

Preparations for a funeral ceremony can be difficult, and settling them at a time when you have to deal with grief can be a real administrative burden. Not to mention the unwelcome tensions between members of the same family, related to the cost and preparation of the ceremony.

If the deceased during his lifetime planned all the conditions for his funeral with a dedicated insurance policy, he avoids an extra mental burden for those around him. According to The Republican Eastthere would also be no less than 500,000 Frenchmen every year to sign one funeral insurance agreement for maintenance purposes(1).

What is the best age to take care of it?

But at what age is it best to take care of it? Is there an age limit to subscribe? Whether by a subscription to acapital funeral insurance(2) (specified sum, almost total funeral costs) or in benefits (detailed organization of the ceremony, choice of casket, religious ceremony or not) it is better to subscribe to it early enough.

That signing a funeral insurance contract can be done from the age of 18 ; the age limit for membership is set on average at the age of 80-85, depending on which insurance company you choose. But there isn’t really an ideal age to subscribe to it; everything to evaluate capital amount that you wish to invest in your contributions to this funeral insurance.

Good to know :
Not to be confused with funeral insurance, death insurance characterizes another way to prevent his departure. This second option, preferred by working people or young retirees (60 years on average), makes it possible to cover part of their family’s financial needs and provide for them by bequeathing them a certain amount of capital, issued in the event of premature death. It is not used to directly cover funeral costs. Did you know that the earlier you take out death insurance, the lower the premiums and the fewer medical formalities? As with any contract, but especially for this one, data on age and state of health are decisive for the size of its tariff.

So, even if you do not care to take care of it as a young worker or when you see the birth of your first child, for fear of bad omens, taking out such an insurance policy can protect your loved ones for the future. .

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Sources: (1) The Republican East, (2) The Voice of the North

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