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It takes months to win a stray cat’s trust and discovers he was lost 10 years ago

Izzy’s owners never expected to find this cat they had lost track of for a decade. However, he had reappeared in a village in the south of England, where a kind-hearted woman was determined to come to his aid.

A lost cat was found 10 years later thanks to its ID chip, and the person who cared for it for months reported Bournemouth Echo.

Theresa Baker stay Hightowna rural town situated near Ringwood in the county Hampshire. Last spring she had noticed a clearly hungry stray cat. As she did with other feral cats, she had started feeding him daily.

However, the animal, of a cautious nature, did not allow himself to be approached. However, his benefactor continued to show him that she only wished him well. She knew she would win his trust eventually.

In April, she had contacted the association Cat protection about her. She had posted pictures of him on the networks in the hope that someone would recognize him, but there was no return.

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It was only after several months Theresa Baker he managed to win the friendship of the cat, who eventually allowed himself to be petted and carried without resistance. She called immediately Stella Dipintovolunteer at Cat protectionand the latter came with an ID chip reader.

The 2 women discovered that the quadruped was indeed carrying one and were stunned when she revealed that he had been reported missing in… 2012!

“She was shocked when I said we found Izzy”

Stella Dipinto went to the listed address, not knowing if the owner was still there. That was indeed the case. The lady did not hide her surprise or her emotions when she heard the news. ” She was shocked when I said we found Izzy. She was in shock and disbelief ” says the volunteer.

Get in touch with Theresa Bakershe concluded with the latter, that the best for Izzy was for him to stay with her Hightown. He lives a happy life there and receives all the care and attention he needs from her. Bringing him back to his original mistress and forcing him into a new change of environment could only upset him. Theresa Baker thus officially became the new owner ofIzzy.

Along with him, his brother Ozzy also disappeared in 2012. He remains untraceable to this day, but the return ofIzzy gives hope. Their former mistress believes they were stolen together before being abandoned when she discovered they were neutered.

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