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“It was the cat or me”

The big swipe

You necessarily know couples around you who are formed through a dating application. Maybe you’ve even experienced it. The big swipe tells these amazing stories of love or friendship 2.0 that start with a swipe, a like or just a message.

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Teresa is 56 and divorced a year ago. Following the advice of her daughter, she signed up for a dating application: “I would never have thought of it alone. For me, it’s a thing for young people. But I was surprised by the number of inquiries I received. And it was on René that I put me in. He had exactly the same profile as the man I am now looking for in my life: single for a while, already married, no children, a comfortable life and soon to retire, and then a charming smile.”

Teresa and René chat a bit online, but quickly end up calling each other on the phone: “The last element that was decisive for me was the voice. I’ve always liked warm, deep voices, a bit à la Garou. René has a perfect voice. I was charmed even more. I couldn’t wait to meet him.”

A home cooked meal to share… that goes down in the water

The meeting takes place in the district of René, who suggests ending the evening with a dinner he prepared at his home: “I found it perfect as a program. He gave me the option not to stay if the physical chemistry wasn’t there. But that was indeed the case. Until his front door I was on a little cloud. And then there he informed me that he had a cat that he forgot to tell me before. Now I am very allergic to cats I know that they are not bad animals, but I just can’t spend 5 minutes in the same room with them, my eyes start to cry, my throat is scratchy, my cheeks are red and then I start to cough. In short, it’s impossible for me to go home. I didn’t even go through the door. On the landing I explained the situation to him and I apologized. And then I went home.”

René contacts Teresa again that evening: “He apologized in return for not having thought that people could be allergic. And he said he regretted that the evening had not continued. I also had this feeling, so I offered another date at my place later in the week which he accepted.When he arrived he assured me that he had put on clothes that had just come out of the dry cleaners so as not to bring cat hair home and I thought that was adorable . The evening was perfect from start to finish.”

The next morning, Teresa and René are faced with a dilemma: “It was clear that something was going on between us and that we wanted to give each other a chance. But what to do with his apartment as a forbidden zone for me, and the fear of to trigger an allergy on me because of hair on his clothes? I wouldn’t go that far, but at this point it was either the cat or me. He said he needed a few days to think about it, which I accepted. He came back to me at the end of the week. On the phone he told me that he had found a good family near his home for his cat and that he could go to him whenever he wanted . He would take his precautions, but it meant we would be able to love each other completely.”

A sacrifice to live a beautiful love story

Teresa is touched by René’s gesture: “He didn’t ask me for anything in return, and he did all that for me. I know he loves his cat. He chose to give us a chance, and it’s very beautiful at the beginning of ​​a cat story. It’s been a little less than 6 months and I know it will last between us. We’re already talking about settling down. At our age we don’t want to wait. He makes me happy, I do everything to make him feel the same. I’m a little sad for the cat, but I know he’s happy too. René shows me pictures. It would have been impossible for him to end up in the SPA or on the street. also proved once again that René is a good person. I am lucky to have him in my life and that he chose me.”


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