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“It’s like the dog of the house”: the owners of the Maurice wild boar authorized to keep it

However, this decision does not yet sign the end of the case for the two masters of Mauritius, although already wrung out by years of legal proceedings. “On the criminal level, we are completely cleared, but the ball is in the camp of the prefect of Corrèze”, underlines the lawyer. The prefecture can indeed still decide to withdraw the animal, or worse, to euthanize it. This worst-case scenario will most certainly be ruled out for Me Patrice Grillon, who claims that it was the prefect himself who had sent the case to justice at the start of the case. “It would really be an incomprehensible relentlessness”he judges.

The owner, however, remains on her guard. If she says she is relieved by the court decision, “until the prefect has given his positive answer, I will not be completely confident”, she confides to TF1info. If the prefecture refuses to regularize the animal, the couple would embark on a new trial, this time in the administrative court, a procedure that could still take several years.




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