Johnny Depp is in a relationship with his lawyer, but not the one you think

It’s serious between them

It is not known when this relationship began but, according to sources from US Weekly, Joelle Rich and Johnny Depp could have been in a relationship for several months: she had even come to support him in the United States during the trial against Amber Heard. “She had no professional obligation to be there“recalls a relative who adds that the actor and the lawyer would have met in hotels. The British is the mother of two children and was married when she met the actor but has since been divorced.Their chemistry is crazy. It’s serious between them” assures a source to US Weekly.

For the moment, Johnny Depp’s team has not reacted to this rumor. This summer, it was rumored that the ex Jack Sparrow had approached his other lawyer, Camille Vasquez, in the middle of a trial. Something that the latter had clearly denied. “It’s disappointing that some media have covered this and said that my interactions with Johnny – who is a friend I’ve known and represented for four and a half years – were inappropriate and unprofessional. It’s disappointing to hear that” she had declared. And to add: “It’s unethical to date a client and on top of that, it’s sexist to say that“.

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