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Johnny Depp is in a relationship with Joelle Rich, his British lawyer

Johnny Depp greets his fans outside Fairfax Court. (May 27, 2022.) Abaca

The American actor would have started a romance with the one who defended him during one of his trials, revealed the magazine Peoplethis Thursday, September 22.

The public once suspected a romance between Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez, his lawyer during the trial for domestic violence which opposed him this year to Amber Heard. Since then, the magazine People revealed, this Thursday, September 22, that the actor was indeed in a relationship with a lawyer – but not the one we imagined. He would thus have started a romance with a woman named Joelle Rich, who had represented him in 2018, during his defamation lawsuit against the Sun (the tabloid called him an “abusive husband” at the time). A legal battle that the actor had lost in November 2020.

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“This is serious”

According to her professional biography, the lawyer, who is based in London and works for Schillings, is responsible for “helping individuals and families of high profile to protect their privacy and reputation” and has a “expertise in defamation, privacy and copyright litigation”. She studied at the University of Birmingham, England, from 2003 to 2006, where she obtained her law degree. She then studied at the BPP Law School in London from 2006 to 2007.

If an anonymous source has indicated in the columns of People that Johnny Depp would have a “light relationship” with Joelle Rich, another witness maintained to Us Weekly that this idyll was all that is most serious. “Their chemistry is extraordinary, said this close to the actor. It’s serious between them.” Despite the fact that she did not represent her alleged companion during her legal battle with Amber Heard, the lawyer attended several trial hearings.

A divorce lawyer

“She had no professional obligation to be there,” said an anonymous source. His presence was personal. Joelle Rich was also photographed with Johnny Depp outside the courthouse on May 3 and hugging Camille Vasquez in the courtroom on May 16.

She would sometimes have left the court in the same vehicle as the actor. At the start of their relationship, the two would have discreetly met in hotel rooms. If Joelle Rich was married at the time of her meeting with Johnny Depp – she is also the mother of two children – the lawyer would now be in the process of divorce.

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A mysterious young red-haired woman

It remains to be seen whether the rumor of this idyll is founded. In July, the actor was seen in the company of a mysterious young redhead woman. The two had arrived together at rehearsals for a Johnny Depp concert, in view of his performance at the Umbria Jazz Festival, in Perugia. The tabloids then wondered: would the musician have a romance with this stranger? Speculation quickly foiled by the New York Post. The young woman would actually be a teacher, met on the set of the feature film Jeanne du Barry, by Maïwenn, during which she would help the actor to perfect his French. Further proof that appearances are sometimes deceiving.




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