Kayak, megaphone, lookout… this Toulonnais does everything to find his dog in an off-limits naval base

Anthony Petit’s dog disappeared on December 18 during the World Cup final. This Australian shepherd was frightened by the firing of fireworks and sought refuge in the naval base in Toulon. He has not come out of this restricted access zone since his owner is trying by all means to get him out.

He tried everything. The owner of this dog named Milky in Toulon regrets not being able to enter the naval base where he was hiding at December 18 last, scared by fireworks in the World Cup final.

All possible means

that australian shepherd cross beagle hid in the naval base in Toulon after hearing fireworks during the World Cup final. From the location’s surveillance cameras, it appears that he stayed inside but was unwilling or unable to come out. Anthony, the owner of the animal named Milky, despairs of the situation and does everything to find him.

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He has already been able to contact Arsenal’s soldiers so they distribute pictures of the dog inside the military base. If he has no right to enter the page, he has approached it to call out the name of his companion in a megaphonereports BFMTV.

On my small scale I tried to look for it along the fences, necessarily, on the military field. I also tried to access it at sea, in a kayak, while limiting myself to the accesses, to whistle it and call it with the megaphone, but unfortunately it didn’t work.

He explains to our colleagues that he goes to the gates of the base every day and each time meets the guards who refuse to let him in. They were the ones who told Anthony that the animal had been seen in the videos recorded by security system of the website.

But anyway, the next day they confirmed to me that the dog was indeed returned because they have security cameras. But since that day there has been no trace of the dog. We don’t know if he is still at Arsenal or if he left.

A long-term companion

Milky has shared Anthony’s life for 6 years. He describes the dog as a faithful companion, even a friend. “He is my little creature. I have good friends, but he is the one who shares my life. Six years of daily life with this gem, with whom I am more than in touch. It is a tear. I have a soulless body right now “. His owner goes so far as to add that he considers his dog his son.

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Of Wanted poster was stationed in the city of Toulon, in case he left the naval base without the military or his master discovering it. “On my small scale I tried to look for it along the fences” says Anthony, who describes a “tear”.

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