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Kyiv residents ready to “hold on” despite water and power cuts

Moscow confirms and is happy to have hit the energy infrastructure in Ukraine on Monday, October 31. With some “high precision weapon”, says the Ministry of Defence. Kiev, for its part, condemns a “massive attack”.

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These attacks led in particular to water and electricity cuts. The repairmen were busy all day. In Kiev, 350,000 homes were without electricity. According to the mayor of the capital, 80% of the capital’s inhabitants are still deprived of drinking water. The reason: Without power, the pumps that bring water to the apartments cannot work. “Almost every Monday for a month, Vladimir Putin offers us this new routine”says wearily, resident of the capital.

In Kiev, people are practically no longer in shelters, but they are especially starting to build water reserves. For several days, the city has been plunged into darkness in the evening. You must save on electricity. Neighborhoods are deprived of it for hours. “We can survive without electricity, without water… But the worst thing, on days like today, is not being able to reach our families to make sure they are safe”, testifies a young librarian from the capital. Without electricity, communication is interrupted.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, Ukraine managed to intercept most of the attacks. But it is very difficult to have clear information. However, the authorities claim to have managed to avoid the worst. Dozens of missiles could have been effectively intercepted by the air defense system. The anti-aircraft system dates back to the Cold War, but it is increasingly effective thanks to the systems provided by the allied countries, led by the United States.

But the concern is there. Russia today targeted the Vyshgorod dam north of the capital. If such infrastructure were to be seriously damaged, the consequences for the capital would be colossal. Ukrainians are as usual robust. This morning, the capital functioned more or less normally. “We have to get used to this. Do we have a choice?”says a young woman in her thirties who runs a theater.

“At the moment it’s not much. Especially since winter isn’t here yet.”

A resident of Kiev

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Residents are mentally preparing for a winter that is likely to freeze. Without or with intermittent heating. “It’s war, what can we do about it…”, sums up a young restaurateur. His establishment today was only able to function for an hour.



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