Friday, September 22, 2023
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Labastide-Saint-Pierre. Safety: they seem ready to continue on the road

The seniors responded to the call from the municipality of Labastide-Saint-Pierre. Raise awareness of road hazards; communicate the right reflexes to preserve their autonomy to be able to move around without risk, on foot or by car, such were the problems that were addressed this week during the appointment that the municipality had put in the new association room. The municipal police and the municipal center for social action have, in collaboration with road prevention and the prefecture, organized an information campaign on road safety for the elderly. The possibility to take stock of the current traffic rules, to present the new signs and all the essential reflexes to be able to continue taking the road without any risk. Everyone was ready to revise the traffic law. “Our elderly, interested and involved, made this half day a moment rich in exchanges and information”, the local elected representatives point out. Everyone went back satisfied with this moment rich in lessons. All that’s left is to drive with all these important basics in mind.



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