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Lakers already ready for a frenzy in the market?

With two defeats in as many games, the Lakers season got off to a very bad start. A reaction is expected from Darvin Ham’s men, with Russell Westbrook in the sights. But watch out for a real surprise. At this rate, it won’t be long before we see a trade in Los Angeles. Adrian Wojnarowski just made a point.

Hard to get a worse start to the season for the Lakers. With two defeats in two games, and regardless of the content, the Angelinos are already in an uncomfortable situation. LeBron James will need help if he wants to take this team to the playoffs, starting with Russell Westbrook. As some feared, the leader is in total distress. His latest performance is here to prove it

A trade in preparation for the Lakers?

The non-shooter, Brodie has all the trouble in the world finding his place on the floor. Is it really his fault? Not necessarily. The front office is to blame for being stubborn in keeping the player in the offseason. A bug that could be fixed in the coming weeks according to Adrian Wojnarowski, depending on the next Purple and Gold deadlines. Watch out for a surprise…

“I’ve been told that Rob Pelinka and the Lakers would have to wait until Thanksgiving, 20 games into the season, to start rotating teams that haven’t gotten off to a good start.”

Woj on Lakers move rumors

Although the Angelinos will wait, this scenario is bound to change if the defeats add up. We are of course thinking of Westbrook, who will be the first name at the start.

It’s been a battle and we’re already talking Lakers moves!

But we are already knocked out for the playoffs

Bad debut for the Lakers, though the franchise is keeping calm for now. There is no panic in the organization, not after two little games. However, there is cause for concern when watching the performance. It will take a minor miracle to escape a major trade in Los Angeles…



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