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Lakers ready to fire one of their big names this winter!

After a largely unsuccessful start to the season, the Lakers are already considering making some changes to their roster. Some names are targeted to strengthen the workforce, while others are brought in to pack the bag. This is probably the case for a big name on the list, far from its best level. We can even say that no one will be surprised.

Things aren’t going any better for the Lakers. With another defeat at the Pacers on Monday night, Darvin Ham’s men take their record to 7 wins for 12 losses. It is not yet the abandonment of the playoffs, but it is clear that the roster must wake up quickly after this disappointment. Therefore, some changes are not impossible in the future.

Patrick Beverley invited from the Lakers

The front desk cannot ignore these problems. There are still possible changes and players struggling to show something positive, like Patrick Beverley. The driver is now averaging 4.1 points, 26% shooting and 24% three-pointers. Decreasing stats for a lost player, most wanted in the City of Angels.

“Patrick Beverley is a name to follow in the trade market”

Jovan Buha: “The other positive point for the Lakers is to wait until at least December 15 as they will be able to trade players signed during the summer. One name to watch is Patrick Beverley, who is the fourth highest paid player on the list with 13 million. Beverley is still an important defender and one of the leaders in the locker room, but is behind 4.1 points on 23.8 percent from three points. »

Beverley is not bad in all areas, but his performance is not up to par today. On December 15th, about 2 months after the start of the season, the Angelinos will have the opportunity to trade him, as well as see if his 3-game suspension will have allowed him to relaunch.

He hasn’t been the same since that iconic moment

Will Patrick Beverley leave the Lakers just months after arriving in the City of Angels? When you see his level of play, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Darvin Ham could also reduce his role to limit the damage, especially if interest is low. The supporters have already made up their minds.



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