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Last minute customers ready to brave the storm

The storm hitting Quebec is causing headaches for many merchants, but many are still caught off guard by traffic, while many last-minute shoppers brave the storm to complete their Christmas list.

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December 23rd is one of the most lucrative days for traders; they therefore do not want to be deprived of it.

Fortunately, there are many customers, despite the storm.

Caroline Leclerc, owner of the Rose Bon Bon store, shares her surprise.

“This morning, when I arrived, I said to myself, I’m going to open my store. And I want to tell you that the traffic is still there, it’s surprising. We have brave people who come to the store, people in the last moment,” she says.

According to some merchants, customers would have organized their purchases after the storm, and thus would have been many to shop on Thursday, December 22.

Shannon Desbiens, owner of the bookstore Les Bouquinistes, testifies to this.

“One of the most beautiful we have had in recent years, if not the most beautiful. Impressive, seriously, when we looked at the number returned at the end, we communicated that between us and we all fell on our asses. It was unheard of,” he rejoices.



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