LE CREUSOT: A mastiff attacks a small dog and creates a wave of panic in the Parc de la Verrerie


The facts took place on Saturday afternoon close to the children’s playground. “Everyone was scared, it screamed everywhere” testifies a faithful of creusot infos

As she recounts what she saw on Saturday afternoon, October 29, in the Parc de la Verrerie, her voice still trembles. The emotions and fears are still there and the images will have a hard time leaving. “I was playing with my children. We saw a young couple arrive with a dog on a leash. He looked like, I think, a big stick, an attack dog, and he was muzzled. Everyone saw that his master was fighting for to hold him. And since he didn’t have a muzzle, it was a little scary,” says a creusot-infos stalwart.
“And then suddenly we heard screams and we saw that this big dog had attacked a very small dog that he was squeezing with his jaws. It was terrifying. The people around me were panicking. We saw someone who must have been the owner of the little dog kicking the dog… After a while I called the police and they told me that others had called. The mastiff eventually let go of the little dog, and the pair set off towards the carousel and Place de la Molette. I hope they are found”, testifies the mother of the family.

She adds: “It is not normal that this dog found itself without a muzzle, even on a leash, to pass in the middle of games and children. There could have been an even more serious tragedy if the mastiff, instead of attacking this poor little dog had attacked a child. I assure you it’s cool. But unfortunately I’m not surprised because it was obvious that the young couple had trouble holding the dog. It’s not normal to see dogs without muzzles in the Parc de la Verrerie, where there are children, when we know they are dangerous dogs.


(illustrative drawing)


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