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Leclerc de Chambly: Defense lawyers obtain the dismissal of the trial of the deadly robbery

In the middle of the afternoon, on the second day of the trial of Mamadou Niakaté, accused of having participated in the deadly robbery of the Leclerc hypermarket, on August 9, 2010, in Chambly, masters Rémi Foltier and Thomas Maïer, the defense lawyers , go back to the crenel to request, once again, the dismissal of this file.

Masters Foltier and Maïer were heard by the Assize Court.

A referral they are requesting to obtain additional information that would allow them to examine the documents provided by Mamadou Niakaté and in particular his passport.

Since his arrest, the respondent has not ceased, in fact, to claim his innocence by asserting that he was in Mali at that time to participate in a wedding, Sunday, August 8, 2010 in Bamako.

A request synonymous with absolute necessity for Master Maïer: “No one in this case is implicating our client. This procedure has many shortcomings and these parts must be checked. For a year, nothing happened…»

The three children of Véronique Makies will still have to wait to finally know the truth.

Mamadou Niakaté speaks for the first time

On the side of master Carine Barba-Stelmach, the lawyer for the children of the victim, Véronique Makies who had died of a heart attack shortly after the robbery, no difficulty in acceding to this request if it can help find the truth.

The Advocate General, Thomas Lopez, does not oppose either and only claims that the defendant speaks before the court retires to rule.

For the first time since the beginning of this hearing, Mamadou Niakaté then speaks: “I am simply innocent and I confirm that I was indeed in Mali during this period. I’m tired of being here. My DNA found in the car is when I got into the vehicle driven by a friend who dropped me off at the Gare du Nord to take a train to Brussels. I did not commit these acts, I am innocent! It has to stop !»

An hour and a half later after having deliberated, the Assize Court presided over by Martine Brancourt, ordered the dismissal of this case which will be the subject of a new trial at a later date.

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