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Leocare, modern insurance that supports students

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It is difficult to be a student today. Between the cost of higher education continuing to rise and the rising cost of living, the younger generation is finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. For them, Leocare offers insurance that perfectly suits their needs and at the best price. How is it possible ? You will not find Leocare agencies near you. To take out one of the proposed insurance policies, you must download the eponymous application. Thanks to a completely dematerialized operation, Leocare can offer 25% cheaper prices. Something to attract students.

Leocare home insurance is suitable for students

In order to do their studies, many students are forced to rent accommodation near their educational institution. In addition to having to fly, they have to manage a budget and keep an eye on their expenses. One of them is home insurance. This is mandatory if you rent your home. Leocare offers 3 levels of guarantee. Naturally, the Eco formula is the one that suits the students best. Very affordable, it provides protection in case of theft, vandalism, glass breakage, fire, water damage, natural and technological disasters, climatic events and attacks. In addition, it includes civil liability and criminal defense in the event of an accident. Two other formulas are available. These are Medium and Premium offers. Unlike the Eco formula, they protect against electrical damage. Note that the basic offer allows you to declare up to €7,000 of movable property and €700 of valuables.

To save money, some students choose to rent shared housing. This alternative is comfortable on a daily basis. It allows you to have a bigger home, to share the costs and not be alone. Vigilance is still required because many mistakes are made. The first is to take out more insurance policies. Be aware that it is of no use to have home insurance per Only one contract is required. However, all tenants must be named so that they are covered by civil liability. This process is possible from the Leocare application. If one of the residents leaves the roommate, you can change your contract at any time by changing the name of the person on the home insurance contract. It is also possible to regulate the value of movable property if necessary.

School insurance for protected students

At Leocare, parents can protect their children by adding the school insurance option to their home insurance contract. This supplement allows you to make significant savings whether you have a child, teenager or young adult in education. The school insurance covers the household’s children throughout their schooling. The injuries covered are those caused or suffered in school, high school, high school and in connection with higher education. Leocare allows you to protect your children until they are 25, provided of course that they are enrolled in an educational institution. Although not mandatory, this insurance is important. The coverage includes sports activities that take place outside the school framework, company internships, excursions and school trips and on the way to school.

The very practical Leocare smartphone insurance

If you are a student, you most likely have a smartphone. But you know if it’s down, broken or stolen, you could be in trouble. Leocare has the solution. Thanks to the smartphone insurance, you can count on a repair or replacement of your phone in 5 working days. If the unit needs to be replaced, you will benefit from an identical refurbished model. One of the great advantages of this offer is that you are not asked for any excess, regardless of the size of the repair or the model of smartphone you own. Your phone is insured as soon as the contract is signed. There is no waiting time. Also note that you can have your phone repaired at the center of your choice or at one of the Leocare partners. Then simply send the invoice via the application to get a refund of the costs.

It is also possible to drive a car!

Leocare offers different levels of guarantee for its car insurance. These work on the same principle as home insurance. In both cases, it is possible to choose between the Third Party formula, which covers basic risks, the Third Party+ formula, which is more comprehensive, and the All Risks cover, which is optimal. These insurance policies adapt perfectly to the needs of each individual driver. They include 0 km assistance for emergency assistance, loan of a vehicle during the immobilization period and unlimited body protection for the driver. Because it is rare for a student to have many years of driving under their belt, Leocare offers parents the option of insuring another driver. The latter may be a young driver. To do this, simply add the name of his child in the application.

If a student owns a scooter, he can turn to Leocare motorcycle insurance. Effective and very accessible, it is easy and quick to benefit from optimal guarantees. As with car insurance, it is possible to choose between a Third Party, Third Party+ and All Risks formula. If the two-wheeler is used occasionally, the winterization option reduces the amount of contribution. You benefit from 150 days of winterization to activate from the application.

It is not always easy to be a student. Thanks to the new generation insurance Leocare, which is also a young company, you will be able to make significant savings without having to sacrifice guarantees. The subscription and administration of the various services is done from the application with a few clicks. In addition to benefiting from 25% cheaper prices, the procedures are made easier. Once the documents and supporting documents are uploaded, you are insured and you can get your certificates. LeoAdvisors are available to answer all your questions.



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