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Leocare motorcycle insurance, customized and scalable guarantees

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Leocare is a new generation of insurance that offers solid and very flexible guarantees for all motorcyclists. To best meet their needs, Leocare offers 100% dematerialized adjustable formulas. Two-wheeler drivers use an application to adjust their warranty and get coverage tailored to their activities. Making a quote takes 1 minute and it takes less than 4 minutes to get insured. So whether they take their motorcycle or scooter to work or for weekend trips, motorcyclists are covered.

Leocare motorcycle insurance: 3 levels of cover

Having motorcycle insurance is a must. But being well insured is a real asset. To benefit from good guarantees at the best price, you need to find a tailor-made insurance that takes into account the different types of motorcyclists. While some use their motorcycle on a daily basis, to get to their workplace, for example, others use it very occasionally during weekends and holiday periods. Some motorcyclists are experienced, others have only had their bike for a few months. Everyone needs good coverage to enjoy their two-wheelers with complete peace of mind.

  • Leocare third party motorcycle insurance, the basic formula

The third party formula offered by Leocare offers the basic guarantees, in other words those that are mandatory. Very affordable, this motorcycle insurance covers civil liability. It covers all material damage and bodily injury caused by the insured, if he is the cause of the damage, as well as any personal injury. In addition, it covers medical expenses and costs for home adaptation, regardless of whether the insured is injured or responsible for the accident. This formula is particularly suitable for people who own a scooter and for those who use their two-wheelers very occasionally. Among the services included in this formula, there is also the possibility to benefit from a loan vehicle, a joker taxi and the shipment of spare parts. The Liberty Rider subscription is offered for the duration of the contract.

  • Tiers+ Leocare motorcycle insurance, the intermediate solution

The Tiers+ formula is more elaborate than what Tiers offers. It is an intermediate formula that is ideal for people who need more guarantees because they use their two-wheelers more or because they really need their vehicle. The services are the same as in the third party formula. However, safety measures have been added. Among them is cover against theft, fire or even natural disasters. Motorcycle equipment and accessories are also insured. To benefit from this protection, policyholders must declare this equipment and upload the invoices to the personal area available in the application. The deductible on these items is €0. The subscription to Liberty Rider is included as well as the loan car, the joker taxi and delivery of spare parts.

  • Leocare All Risks motorcycle insurance, a complete formula

The All Risks formula provides optimal coverage. It is perfectly suited for people who own a new motorcycle, a vintage motorcycle or a top model, or even people who use their motorcycle every day. Coverage is complete. Consideration is given to whether the two-wheeler driver is responsible or not. It includes damages caused to third parties in the event of a responsible claim, damages caused to the insured and payment of material damage. The damage guarantee applies to all accidents and provides optimal protection in all situations. Among the services included in this All Risks formula, there is of course the possibility to take advantage of a loan vehicle, a joker taxi, the dispatch of spare parts and the subscription to Liberty Rider.

Leocare motorcycle insurance options

Leocare stands out thanks to the way it works. This neo-insurance is fully digitized. It allows policyholders to customize benefits. To do this, they must go to the application and adjust the guarantees. By taking out motorcycle insurance, it is possible to take advantage of the following benefits.

0 km assistance is included in all formulas. This enables the insured to be repaired wherever he is. If the two-wheeler needs to be immobilized, a replacement vehicle is offered. The insured also benefits from reimbursement of taxi expenses if his helmet is stolen. There is no need to subscribe to this option as it is included in all offers. On the other hand, people who need more information can count on the Leocare experts.

  • A Liberty Rider subscription is offered

Policyholders who choose Leocare for their motorcycle insurance benefit from the many features of the next generation insurance app. But that’s not all. They also benefit from a free subscription to Liberty Rider, an application dedicated to two-wheel drivers. Also called the guardian angel of motorcyclists, it allows you to find attractions, create an itinerary, exchange with other enthusiasts and even be geolocated in case of an accident, thanks to GPS. The subscription is valid for the entire duration of the contract.

Wintering is a very interesting option offered by Leocare. Thanks to it, it is possible to suspend your insurance when the vehicle is not in use. From the application, the insured programs the winterization of the vehicle. This period can last up to 150 days per year. The prices are of course adjusted. This service is recommended for people who do not drive a car all year round. When the temperatures drop, when the weather is capricious or when the insured is stopped, the guarantees are suspended while the motorcycle is immobilized.

Leocare motorcycle insurance has no more secrets for you. Whether you are an occasional user or a motorcycle addict, you can count on Leocare’s expertise and flexibility. Because the insurance is digital, the rates are more advantageous. For equal benefits, the saving is 25%. To subscribe, simply go to the website or download the application. With a few clicks you are safe and reassured.



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