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Leocare, the insurance of the future that works thanks to a mobile application

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In the past, mobile phones were used to make and receive calls. Today, smartphones offer a wealth of functionality, especially thanks to applications. Leocare is a neo-insurance that has chosen to put mobile at the heart of its operations. Instead of going to a branch, policyholders can download the Leocare app and be insured in minutes. In fact, it only takes 1 minute to get a quote and less than 4 minutes to sign a contract. The app is easy to use. Because the guarantees are flexible, it is possible to adjust them from the application with just a few clicks.

The smartphone, a tool that has become indispensable

The first smartphone in history was released in 2007. The device offers a wealth of possibilities. In addition to making and receiving your calls, it allows you to listen to music, surf the Internet and check your e-mails. Today, almost everyone owns a smartphone. More than 9 out of 10 people over the age of 15 own one of these devices. To use your smartphone, you pay a monthly subscription. This allows you to make calls and use the Internet. In everyday life, the smartphone is very practical. It allows you to be available wherever you are and of course to make calls. Often it is reassuring to have your phone. This is all the more so if the device allows you to manage your insurance contracts. Leocare offers 100% mobile insurance. To subscribe to a contract, change the guarantees or even declare a claim, go to the Leocare application. Inquiries are processed quickly and electronically.

The usability of the smartphone for Leocare offers

As you know, your smartphone is essential in everyday life. This is also how you can take full advantage of the Leocare offers. This future insurance offers home, car and motorcycle insurance with a different feature. The contracts are perfectly adapted to the needs of the insured. Because they are flexible, they can be customized. To meet the expectations of its policyholders, Leocare has an application from which they can make quotes in 1 minute, subscribe to a quote in less than 4 minutes, adjust options and manage claims. This application is available from your smartphone, it has already been downloaded 600,000 times. Leocare is more than online insurance, it is digital insurance. Thanks to a dematerialized operation, it allows policyholders to make significant savings. Leocare actually offers prices 25% cheaper than competitors.

What is Leocare insurance?

Leocare offers different types of insurance. Among them is home insurance, which is essential to protect your home. You can choose between 3 warranty levels: Eco, Medium and Premium. The Eco formula offers basic guarantees and more specifically civil liability. This is important whether you are a renter or an owner. Please note that the Eco insurance does not protect against electrical damage. This is what sets it apart from the Medium and Premium formulas. These provide more comprehensive guarantees and, above all, a higher level of security. It can reach €15,000.

If you take out home insurance, you can add school insurance, but also use a certificate for your flatmates or a remote work certificate. Leocare home insurance includes many free services. Among them is compensation for transport or accommodation expenses in the event of theft, fire or water damage. Coverage of childcare costs or home help is offered in the event of immobilisation. Thanks to the domestic incident assistance, a repairer’s travel expenses are reimbursed. The SOS Clefs service supports the intervention of a locksmith.

Leocare car insurance also offers 3 levels of cover, namely Third Party, Third Party+ and All Risks. The Tiers formula covers basic risks and allows policyholders to drive legally. The Tiers+ formula is intermediate car insurance that allows you to benefit from protection tailored to your needs. Finally, All Risks insurance is comprehensive and protects you regardless of whether you are responsible for the damages or not. Car insurance companies all offer free 0 km breakdown assistance and loan of a vehicle as long as yours is immobilized. The driver’s body protection is unlimited.

To personalize the offer, you can use your smartphone to fill in the name of the other driver. Other options are possible, such as refunding the awareness courses needed to regain the points. After drawing, which takes less than 4 minutes, the insured immediately has his proof. He can therefore take the wheel without waiting while he is protected. In case of a disaster and troubleshooting, monitoring is available in real time from the application.

The last insurance is motorcycle insurance. It has the same features as car insurance, namely 3 levels of cover: Third Party, Third Party+ and All Risks. A few specifics can be mentioned, such as the €0 deduction on equipment and accessory guarantees, subscription to Liberty Rider, the guardian angel of motorcyclists and the winterization option. Note that the Liberty Rider application is used from a smartphone, it allows you to create routes, but also to be located using GPS in case of discomfort or injury. Finally, motorcycle insurance offers the winterization option. The vehicle’s winterization can be activated from the application. You can accumulate up to 150 winter days. The membership fee is regulated automatically. Other free services are included, such as the loan of a vehicle, the joker taxi or even the shipment of spare parts.

Don’t wait any longer to insure your smartphone. As a Leocare insured, the device is essential. It is your connection to insurance. Thanks to it, you will be able to discover Leocare’s offers and even find your future contract. The offer request takes 1 minute and the subscription less than 4 minutes. LeoAdvisors are available to you via email, social media and by appointment.



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