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LFI and RN “ready” to return to voters

Jacques Serais, with AFP

Faced with a possible dissolution of the National Assembly, with the government having only a relative majority, the LFI and RN parties have declared “to be ready” to return to the campaign. Emmanuel Macron himself had recently raised the threat in the event of a vote of no confidence.

Will the dissolution take place? MP LFI Clémentine Autain, like her colleague from RN Sébastien Chenu, said this Sunday, each on their side, “ready” to return to the electorate in the event of the dissolution of the assembly, where the government has only a majority. “We are ready. Not only do we have the ideas, the project, the applications, but we have even stored paper in case of a hasty dissolution” to print leaflets, creeds or bulletins, assured Clémentine Autain on Radio J.

Assessing that a dissolution is “probable” without knowing the “concept”, the elected representative of Seine-Saint-Denis was in favor of such a possibility, being “not satisfied with the political balance today.” “I think the macronion does not have the majority to do what it is doing,” she pleaded. The LFI MP also sees it as a way for Emmanuel Macron, who has already voiced the threat of dissolution if the government was brought down by a vote of no confidence, to “hold his ranks because it is already getting tired, challenging the internal “. “Never be afraid to go back to the people,” she said.

“It doesn’t scare us”

“It doesn’t scare us”, gushed at the same time the deputy RN Sébastien Chenu on BFMTV. “We are ready because we are a party of militants with men and women who want to seize power to implement a different policy”, added the vice president of the assembly. “We are ready to go to the campaign, we are ready to rule the country”, hammered the elected representative for the Nordic region. “If the French want (…) to entrust this majority to the National Rally to pursue a different policy, we will not run away,” he insisted.



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