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Lidl hits hard with its XL air fryer, capable of making the best fries in the world! – Tuxedo board

Lidl has been a real hit with its XL airfryer, which is able to fry more than a kilo of potatoes in a short time!

During this winter period, many people have only one wish: treat yourself to comfort food. And the least we can say is that French fries are always a comforting product. Lidl knows this well.

Lidl is a hit with its deep fryer

In modern kitchens you can find many robots that help prepare good meals. But lately, there’s one device in particular that’s been a real hit. This is the deep fryer.

Get out of the oven, which is not undercooked or crispy enough, the fryer is now the perfect item to have fries like in a restaurant. You just need a deep fryer.

Something that is very fashionable lately and which is also important that we add to our daily routine is to establish healthy lifestyle habits.

These help us take care of ourselves. To achieve this, the first step must be taken in the kitchen. Because the way you prepare your meals is very crucial to what they bring us.

Lidl supplies its customers with various items that can help you achieve this. As said before the brand revealed an XL air fryer. She clearly has it all.

Lidl hits hard with its XL air fryer, capable of frying more than a kilo of potatoes! Article

The perfect product to pamper yourself without calories

In the section of household appliances that make up Lidl’s wide and varied catalog, you will find products like this XL 2150 W digital hot air fryer.

With it in your kitchen, you can prepare your usual dishes. But in a different way. Now your meals stay healthier with less fat. And lower calorie intake.

It is a large air fryer. It is ideal for cooking your favorite food with less oil. Since its basket has a large capacity, you can also fry potatoes about 5 or 6 people.

This Lidl airfryer also has a digital touch control. As well as 10 predefined programs to make a quick selection. But this is not the only positive point about this device sold by Lidl.

In fact, this item allows you to adjust the temperature between 60º C and 200º C, depending on the type of dish you are preparing. And what he needs. It also has one 60 minute classes. As well as an automatic standby function.

A product for under 80 euros

In addition, the supermarket chain’s XL air fryer has a keep-warm function if you want to wait to eat. With this feature, you can be sure of it your dishes stay warm.

On the other hand, the basket and the pan have a non-stick coating. And you can wash them in the dishwasher. If you want proper equipment to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, this is the perfect product.

In this way, you can prepare more balanced dishes that are more beneficial for your health. This deep fryer sold by Lidl is clearly the best purchase you can make can do at the beginning of the year 2023.

If you want to buy it, know that you can find it on the brand’s website. You will also have to spend the sum of 79.99 euros. A fairly affordable price if you want to treat yourself without fat.

On its website, Lidl has unveiled other deep fryers that will surely make you happy!




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