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Lidl is a hit with the perfect Christmas tree if you have cats at home! – Tuxedo board

Lidl has put a very original new Christmas tree on sale in its catalogue, suitable for all cat owners!

Many brands have decided to get ready for the year-end party. And the least we can say is that Lidl does not lack imagination. The company recently offered an ideal Christmas tree for cat owners.

The perfect solution for cat owners

The Christmas tree is usually made on the first Christmas weekend. Small, large, medium or even bushy, there is clearly something for every taste, but also for every wallet.

On the other hand, there are some people who wonder every year whether they should get a Christmas tree. It’s cat owners. The latter do not hesitate to attack this product essential for the holiday season.

They jump on the Christmas tree, knock it over or even play with the decorative balls. And every year it’s the same refrain. So much so that some owners no longer want a tree in their home.

But luckily Lidl thought of them. From now on, your Christmas tree will no longer fall victim to cats. And you don’t have to worry about him hurting himself with it or ruining your place.

Lidl has finally found the solution to bring some absolute inner peace. This is a very beautiful tree that has no needles and has none nor is it necessary to have hanging balls.

Lidl is making a splash with its Christmas tree

The branches of the Christmas tree sold by the German company are not actually edible. They are made entirely of wood. You can also place it anywhere in your home. But that’s not all.

If you are lucky enough to have an exterior, know that it is also possible to place your tree on your balcony, your terrace or even in your garden. Ergonomically designed, it can go inside any location of your choice.

The Christmas tree sold by Lidl is a minimalist one that requires no decoration. It has 23 branches and has only one central trunk. You can also adjust the position and orientation as you wish.

Also note that the tree measures approximately 85 x 85 x 160 cm. It can still take the height thanks to its 640 x 555 x 50mm base. In addition to the foot, it also has a star at the top. It is still the essential decoration for a Christmas tree.

Lidl surprises everyone with its very original Christmas tree!

A Christmas tree for under 35 euros

One thing is for sure, this product is perfect for all cat owners. Note that you can decorate it with a few items if you wish. On the other hand, we do not guarantee that these will not attract your cat.

But if you think he won’t touch your tree, you can add small garlands. It is also possible to add some balls. However, know that it is not an obligation.

You can also make up the Christmas tree on Lidl’s website. For now, the brand has yet to sell it in its stores. But it shouldn’t take long.

To acquire this wooden tree for Lidl, you must pay sum of 34.99 euros. Thanks to the brand, you can now enjoy a Christmas like everyone else!



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