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Lidl will delight dog owners with its new collection!

Our colleagues from Tuxboard have just unveiled a collection sold at Lidl, which will delight dog owners.

It’s never easy to please man’s best friend. Even if dogs only ask for your company, we always want to please them. It seems that Lidl has found a solution to this. The proof, with her new collection, which has just been presented.

Everything for our four-legged friends

It is not the first time that the discount company offers goods for our hairballs. On several occasions we were able to find products to help dogs feel better in our company.

Whether it’s raining, selling or shining, Lidl has always offered items that make them happy. The proof, with this super cute raincoat sold at a low price. A “garment” that keeps your dog dry despite the weather.

In addition to this raincoat, the company specializing in discounts has offered another product that is perfect when it rains. And especially when you’ve had enough of your hair ball shaking itself dry and laying it all over your home.

We are actually talking about bathrobe for dogs sold by Lidl. A bathrobe sold for 8.99 euros allows your pet to dry off without putting it anywhere. In other words, an item that is in demand by all pet owners. But we can also talk about this product that allows them to refresh themselves.

Because yes, the beautiful days are coming and it is better to think about the solution to refresh your animal. Once again, Lidl has the solution his umbrella bed. Who goes let your four-legged friend restwhile protecting yourself from the sun.

Proof that the German company thinks about animals and never stops working for them. But the latest collection offered by the brand will prove it once again. If you want to know more, just go down a few lines.

Lidl will delight dog owners with its new collection!

Perfect equipment to please your dog at Lidl

Our colleagues from Tuxboard has unveiled five products that you will love. Starting with the car seat cover. Essential element if you transport your pet in your car.

With this Lidl product, you actually avoid getting hair all over your seat. It has a rectangular format of 53 × 60 × 35 cm to effectively protect your seats. his price? Only €10.99.

To return to the rain as mentioned above, you can also fall for another raincoat that will protect your pooch. This is made of polyurethane polyester.. You will even have the choice between yellow and green for the color.

As for its price, you will find it at a price of 7.99 euros at Lidl. And if you want to run with your dog, nothing better than this reflective lanyard that costs 9.99 euros.

Finally, you will undoubtedly fall for this transport bag for your dog. This has the dimensions 46.5 × 29.5 × 29 cm and is very solid. can even support a maximum load of 8 kg. his price? €14.99.

With all these elements you will delight your dog and make your life easier!



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