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Liévin: SPA dispensary gives needy people the opportunity to treat their animals

Operations in the morning, actions (sterilization, vaccination, etc.) in the afternoon. All year round, the Liévin SPA dispensary takes care of the dogs and cats of the most humble owners.

Among the twelve existing SPA clinics in France, one of them is in Liévin. A place dedicated to people in financial difficulties (homeless, students, RSA beneficiaries, etc.) who want to have their animals treated, sterilized, vaccinated or even identified. The latter has been installed for more than thirty years and performs an average of 14,000 operations per year, including almost 550 operations per month.

Very specific criteria to meet

As it is not a public service and does not receive any support from the state, the pharmacy lives entirely thanks to the donations it receives. Therefore, not everyone can benefit from its services. ” This is help that the SPA offers to the extent it can afford. “, insists Marie-Pierre Danvers, the manager of the dispensary. Supporting documents such as a notice of non-taxation and an identity document are requested from each pet owner prior to any intervention. ” Even if you are not taxable, you must not exceed a certain threshold set by the SPA scale. »

The mornings are devoted to operations, while the afternoons are meant for simple actions.

However, it is not necessary to reside in the urban area to be entitled to it. ” Sometimes people come here because they are on vacation or just came to see family in the area. ” says the manager.

A partnership with several local communities

The Liévin SPA clinic also offers assistance to surrounding municipalities in identifying and neutering stray cats. ” These are agreements signed with the town halls. We have one with Liévin, but we also do it with other cities. An action that makes it possible to treat almost 250 extra cats every year across the sector.

11, rue Nicolas-Leblanc, in Liévin. Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed on public holidays.

The Liévin clinic is currently looking for a veterinarian. For more information, visit the association’s website.

Some SPA tips for the summer

Do not leave your pet alone in the car. In summer, in a vehicle, whether parked in the shade or in the sun, the temperature can quickly approach 40 ºC or even more than 50 ºC during a heat wave. This can be fatal for an animal. Even with the window open.

Sterilization. In a context where many stray cats roam the streets, sterilization is not to be neglected. As a reminder, a pair of cats can have up to 20,000 offspring in just four years.

Expect custody during the holidays. If you can’t take your pet with you, find someone to care for it while you’re away, such as family members or a trusted acquaintance. Other, more expensive solutions: have it kept by a pet sitter or put it in a kennel.



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