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Little Savannah, the victim of a garbage fire, clings to life with all her might (video)

The cat was only 4 weeks old when she was rescued by Clark County Animal Protection Services. Savannah suffers from multiple burns and will have to fight, but she can count on the dedicated people of The Animal Foundation to help her recover.

The sad story of Savannah begins last May, at Vegas. The little kitten has struggled from the first days of its life, falling victim to a bin fire at the age of just one month, reported People.

Support from the animal welfare service Clark County and The Animal Foundation, the young cat suffered several injuries. With second and third degree burns, the whiskered cat was in intense pain.

After being put in an incubator and then fed, the little one Savannah joined the roof of a host family while recovering.

A true little warrior

Fortunately, and despite great worries, it went wonderfully. The vet Allison Clarkewho followed her, says: She will never look quite the way she did before. She’s going to have a few scars and her ears are a little misshapen, but that’s okay. It will just make her cuter. »

Alex Reyesveterinary assistant from the same center (Pet Health Animal Hospital), will not remain insensitive to the charm of the little ball of fur. It is also this young man who will decide to finally adopt him when his care is finished.

Savannah became a cat fiery, adventurous and playful as a member of The Animal Foundation on Facebook. The news of her adoption clearly delighted everyone and promises a great continuation for the little survivor…



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