Livret A, SCPI, life insurance: how to invest 10,000 euros?

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Diversification, the key to success to grow €10,000

With rising inflation, it is important to adopt a diversified investment strategy. Whether you want to invest €1,000 or €10,000, it does not represent interest to place all your money in a Livret A. With an interest rate of 2% and inflation of 5.8% in August 2022, you will lose money. Follow the popular saying and don’t put all your eggs in one basket. The Mon Petit Placement experts therefore advise you to invest your capital by keeping two rules in mind. You need to maintain prudent savings while diversifying your investments. To invest €10,000, you can e.g. place:

  • 3,000 euros in a Livret A to build up your emergency savings;
  • 2,000 euros in property shares, such as SCPIs or SCIs, for a better return on capital;
  • €1,000 in crowdfunding to finance innovative projects;
  • €3,500 in shares and investment funds. The risk is greater, but the opportunities for profit are greater;
  • €500 in a more exotic investment, depending on your taste and wishes.

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Life insurance, the investment of choice for the French

Many French choose life insurance to increase their wealth, and rightly so! This medium- and long-term investment allows you, for example, to finance a future project, such as buying real estate or financing your pension. The invested money is always available, you can recover it as soon as necessary, but to fully benefit from the favorable taxation of life insurance, it is preferable to wait 8 years. The earnings then benefit from an allowance before they become taxable. This investment is available to everyone and can consist of a fund in euros or units of account. Mon Petit Placement offers to invest in the second solution. Unit-linked life insurance combines several financial products, such as SCPIs or shares, for a higher potential return.

Invest simply with Mon Petit Placement

Thanks to Mon Petit Placement, financial investments are within everyone’s reach. This easy-to-use application allows you to grow your money on investments ranging from 3 to 12% potential return on average, from €300. At Mon Petit Placement, the advisors offer you a tailored investment strategy according to your projects and can be contacted at any time via chat, e-mail or phone to answer you.
Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, you benefit from investments whose risk level is adapted to your profile and from human and personal support. Do you want to use your savings to finance projects in line with your values? Health, equality, technology or the environment: Mon Petit Placement options adapt to your personal ethics. Furthermore, the platform is only paid when your investment is a winner: this is the guarantee that they will make the best choices for your savings.

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For successful wealth management, make sure you diversify your investments. Life insurance A, life insurance, shares or SCPI all have a place in your strategy. Take advantage of Mon Petit Placement’s expert advice to find the perfect balance and optimize your chances of winning.

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