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Loans for repayment, increase in energy … The winter will be hard for the companies in Lyon

In the last 15 days, I have started reading publications that raise awareness of the situation”, appreciates the president of the commercial court of Lyon, Thierry Gardon. Among these is a study by the company Altares, which records +69% of business failures this summer.

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“In Lyon, we have been at +38% on legal cases since the beginning of the year compared to 2021. But I don’t have the figures for the last three months. But the numbers for the start of the year are skewed because we were still in a wait-and-see period. And the 69% of Altares includes the month of August when the courts are closed. Since Lyon is often in line with the national team, it does not bode well for the end of the year.fears Thierry Gardon.

Company liquidations are increasing

The context is harsh: the first installments of loans guaranteed by the state to be repaid are on the way, and the increase in energy prices threatens, in addition to the difficulties in recruiting, in finding raw materials… The court sees a significant growth in the number of amicable proceedings: +120%. However, if 90% are dealt with before they end up in a collective case, it is far from sufficient. “This morning I had an audience of 20 or 25 liquidations”adds the magistrate.

The numbers are slowly returning to 2019, although with far more liquidations than backups or turnarounds. “We are in the first wave, that of companies that were already in trouble before the crisis. We can’t even see the Covid effects yet. I do not hide from you that I remain extremely concerned and that this concern is growing. We are facing great difficulties”concludes Thierry Gardon.



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