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Locked in a motorhome, two dogs rescued from the furnace by the police

“They stayed inside two more hours, they would be dead”… Around 2:30 p.m., the municipal police managed to free two small dogs, locked in a motorhome, parked in full sun, not far from the Cap 3000 car park.

Water, caresses… And the two ratters were taken to the shelter of the municipal police of Saint-Laurent-du-Var. Waiting for their master to come get them. “We put a note on the windshield”, indicates the municipal agent. He will have to pick up his animals. “It may be decided to continue or not”asserts the Laurentian agent.

Several hours in the cabin

Police received a call from a resident around 2 p.m. She could hear moans and barks coming out of the RV which she said had been parked in the same spot since 9 a.m. that Friday.

“Initially the vehicle was supposed to be in the shade, but for hours it had been flooded with sunlight, it must have been at least 50 degrees inside,” explains the policeman. “We sent two crews, the doors were locked. We could only see one dog under the driver’s pedals. He was panting very quickly and showing signs of distress”indicates the municipal police.

Who immediately got in touch with the Cagnes judicial police officer. “ We had permission to issue them. We managed to remove the seal from the window and we opened the door,” whispers the official. who specifies, “The little brown dog was scared but he jumped into the water. And we discovered another dog, hidden in the back, who was in just as much pain”, he said again. Pesting: “People are really oblivious. It’s the third dog in a few days!”.

On August 7, a staff puppy, which showed signs of distress, was taken out of a car parked in the Cap 3000 car park.





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