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Loire: more than 300 agents ready to face winter on the roads

The Loire departmental council presented on Friday, November 18, its winter maintenance system, valid until March 28, 2023.

“Winter is coming”, as fans of the Game of Thrones series would say. At least in the Loire we are preparing for it.

The teams are on alert from 31 October to 28 March for mountain areas. Goal: “maintain the trafficable road network, break the isolation, ensure the circulation of emergency services and allow the continuation of activities”.

Total, more than 300 agents participate in this system throughout the winter. 135 people are mobilized every week, on 56 circuits provided by the department’s services. This allows for cover almost 3,400 kilometers of roads.

12,000 tons of salt available

Again this year, twenty patrols is it possible every morning from 3.30 to check the condition of the network and identify areas that require treatment. So the 56 circuits can be activated from 04.30.starting from 23 operating centers distributed across the department.

Or else, 12,000 tons of salt is planned for all these deposits. Enough to “dealing with an average winter”. “However, the various depots are filled up during the winter in order to cope with more serious winter episodes”says the county council.

Finally, you can check the road conditions on Inforoute42. Note that the site records more than 100,000 connections annual.




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