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Lorraine. Threatened with an ax for a 17.5/20, he puts his cat in the dryer…

Tomblaine: she beats, belts her 12-year-old son and threatens him with an ax for a 17.5/20

Photo ER/Lionel VADAM

When her 12-year-old son came home with a grade – excellent by the way – of 17.5/20, this mother saw red. Like every time he doesn’t get 20/20. Tastes, blows with the belt and threatens to break down the door to the child’s room with an axe.

A bout of violence that occurred on December 4th that this housewife would be used to. The father immediately alerted the police.

> The officials discover a child worn out and in shock from what he has just experienced.

Forbach: To get rid of his cat, he puts it to sleep and puts it … in the dryer

Illustrative photo ER/Alexandre MARCHI

Basically a couple conflict, in Forbach, which revolves around a cat. The tomcat is not very clean and is not happy with its litter. Except it eventually overwhelms the master, who has a very violent reaction… He first gives him a drug to put him to sleep, then places him in a pillowcase before putting everything in the dryer, then in the trash in the common room. areas of the house.

> A complaint has been filed for atrocities.

The Vosges: he tested positive for cocaine at the wheel of his tractor

Illustration photo ER/Christine DUMAS

While driving his tractor in the town of Sandaucourt in the Vosges, a man tested positive for cocaine.

Far from being the first for this repeat offender who appears to have a habit of driving drunk or under the influence of drugs.

> With an already checkered record, including several convictions to be served, the driver was finally jailed.

Nancy: A couple disputes the compensation for their car and ends up with an unsalable and expensive wreck

Patrice Renaudeau, a pensioner from Nancy, in violation of his insurance, IARD postbank, after an accident in February 2021. Photo ER / Christophe GOBIN

After an accident for which they are not responsible, a couple of pensioners from Nancy are in dispute with their insurance company, Banque Postale IARD. They are left with, on their hands, a car reduced to wreckage, which cannot be transferred and which generates security costs. Ubuisk.

> “We don’t know what to do anymore”, says the couple.

Meuse: the employee admits to inventing the armed robbery of a post office

The municipal post office was robbed on Friday, December 2, 2022 in Longeville-en-Barrois. The town hall is next door. Photo ER / Jean-Noël PORTMANN

Confused, shocked, the municipal employee of Longeville-en-Barrois had alerted the mayor. A few minutes before closing time, when she was alone at the post office, she had just been the victim of an armed robbery. According to him, an armed man would have entered the office to steal the money in the safe, several thousand euros.

The author, a suspected gunman, could not be identified, not even discovered. And with good reason…

> Placed in police custody, she admitted to having stolen the money.

Mosel: she forgets her food on the fire before going to work, her building evacuated

The residents of the building were evacuated. No injuries have been reported. Photo RL / Gaëlle KRAHENBUHL

A fire broke out in the kitchen of one of the tenants in this 12-apartment building due to a pot left on the hob. The resident allegedly left her food on the fire before she left for work.

It was neighbors downstairs who heard the fire alarm. “There was also a strong burning smell. The fire department was immediately called. »

> The resident was able to return to his home after firefighters left.



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