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Lucas Brethes, Floirac’s all-risk insurance

“Lucas has great footwork, great individual technique and a lot of speed for his physical profile. I think he didn’t realize his qualities. I always thought he would be a late harvest. “What this player at 1.80 m for 87 kg was missing for a long time, it is precisely confidence.Reserved by nature, he nevertheless knew how to do violence to himself to become a regular and reliable goalscorer.

“I was helped by a mental coach. As he repeated to me, to attempt a punishment is already to take responsibility! It took the overflow of pressure off me. “The player has good length at foot. He is also very confident under high balls and in controlling his team’s excursions. Above all, he does not hesitate to throw balls back when the game allows him.

“I am still working a lot on the timing of my aerial duels and the precision of my shots on goal. Victor Gayan, Roman Aleyragues and I always get time to train against the poles. Landais is very attached to his roots and pays special attention to his friends. He goes back as often as possible to see his friends in Saint-Sever: “Over there everyone knows each other. We like to party in the summer or watch matches in the bar La Muleta. »

Barré at Montois, it was again with friends, he took up the challenge from CMF. He found in the blood and gold the companionship he loves. “There is such a state of mind in this club that we are quickly integrated. I am quite reserved, but that did not prevent me last season from writing under the pseudonym Harlock 33 on a forum dedicated to rugby. The idea was to return to our group’s life with Nathan Courtade and to chamber our opponents. The team took a year to question the identity of my nickname. Since I am discreet, no one had thought of me,” he enjoys!

If he never really gave up on a professional career, he would find a job very quickly. He is an insurance manager in Saint-Loubès: “I wanted to have experience outside of rugby. I work for Jean-Philippe Vidou and I take care of the connection between companies and my insurance company. “He, who lives with his friend Léa in Bordeaux, now hopes to link the matches and keep CMF in National 2.

“There’s no reason why we can’t find our success from last season. We have to be more realistic and killer in our strong moments so that confidence returns. »CQFD

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