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maintenance of CVAE, senators ready to punish SMEs / SMIs in 2023?

During the last presidential campaign, Emmanuel Macron committed to abolishing the entire contribution to the added value of companies (CVAE), and this from 2023.

Last September, however, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy and Finance, announced that the disappearance of the CVAE would take place, definitely from 2023, but would ultimately be spread over 2 years to preserve public finances.

“The Finance Committee of the Senate, reports worried Clarisse Maillet – president of Cpme71 – has just gone even further by voting on an amendment by the main rapporteur of the budget (Les Républicains / LR) postponing the abolition of this tax for an extra year, which confirms , in 2023, the maintenance of 4 billion euros in taxes that heavily weigh SMEs, this time to preserve the finances of local authorities.

According to this change, she clarifies, the abolition of the first tranche of CVAE would take place – and it is wise here to use the conditional – therefore in 2024.

“Regarding the fact that production taxes correspond to 1.5% extra points of GDP compared to the European average, the President noted, and that they therefore weigh heavily on the competitiveness of our French companies, and especially on industry, there is none. doesn’t seem to care anymore.”

“But it wasn’t so long ago that everyone recognized that production taxes, based on turnover and not on the company’s results, were nonsense, she recalls, barely ironically. You had to act quickly. Yes, but that was before.

We therefore appeal, asserts the representative of the VSEs/SMEs in Saône & Loire, to the responsibility of our senators, so that at a public meeting this Thursday they renounce punishing our SMEs and that they do not obstruct the abolition of ​​half of the CVAEs by 2023.”



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