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Man sentenced to 10 months in prison for filming himself skinning a cat

Words cannot describe the violence and cruelty of the acts committed. They equally need to understand what could push a man to commit them by filming himself before forwarding them. It is about a case that could not be more gloomy than the court in Sarreguemines in the Mosel had to take a closer look at on Friday. Namely judging a young man who skinned a cat while filming the scene before sharing it on the social network Snapchat.

For these facts, the judge decided to sentence the latter to a sentence of 10 months in prison, including 6 with a conditional suspension of 2 years with a deposition order. After posting his video on Snapchat, an animal welfare association had received reviews. She quickly contacted the police, who were quickly able to arrest the suspect, who had admitted to committing these atrocities while in police custody. The 30 Million Friends Foundation announced on November 3 that it had filed a complaint for cruelty and serious mistreatment resulting in the death of an animal.

In front of the judges, tell our colleagues from the Republican Lorrain, the man said he regretted his gesture, not for the suffering and torture inflicted on the animal, but for the damage caused to his family and because it brought him back to court . . Yeah, yeah, I had fun doing that,” he elaborated, before claiming to have killed several cats in the past and to have recently cooked and eaten a pigeon. He also claimed not to feel crazy.



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