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Manufacturers ready to adopt innovative decarbonisation solutions

In France, industry accounts for almost 20% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, mainly driven by chemicals, non-metallic minerals and metallurgy. But decarbonisation is becoming more and more imperative for manufacturers. It is even becoming an important selection criterion for their customers. These are the two main takeaways from the survey conducted by Infopro Digital Studies for Certinergy Solutions among 110 decision makers working mainly in the metal, building, construction and transport industries. The main objective was to specify at what stage manufacturers are in the implementation of their low-emission strategy.

The result is positive, as many are not waiting until they are close to the deadline set by law (from 2030, greenhouse gas emissions must not exceed 53 Mt CO2 equivalents) to adopt measures to decarbonize their production. A majority of the companies surveyed (61%) claim to have carried out a CO2 assessment. Among them, 39% have completed it and developed a low-carbon strategy. Most (85%) are considering decarbonisation, whether at all their sites in France (69%) or just one (16%).

Coming in 79% of cases from the group’s management, decarbonisation is designed under the prism of sobriety (62%), operational performance and improving equipment energy efficiency (55%). Other priorities are prioritized, such as the implementation of an environmentally friendly design and zero waste approach, improving the transport of goods, employee mobility or even reducing the impact of supplies.

An ROI in less than ten years

The main objective of the surveyed companies’ low-emission strategy is to reduce energy consumption (63%). This policy also aims to respond to issues related to the brand (with the possibility to communicate about CSR actions) and customer expectations. To achieve this, 73% of respondents say their company has implemented indicators related to CO2 emissions. Almost a third is supported by external companies.

In terms of innovation, more than half of professionals prefer the development of a product without changing it instead of choosing a breakthrough innovation that would replace it. An encouraging sign, slightly more than every other company is ready to adopt innovative solutions. Uncertainty remains about the profitability of these actions. More than a third of the respondents are unable to comment on this target. However, 42% estimate an investment return of less than ten years.

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