Marseilles. Cat reunited with owners eight years after going missing

A cat named Fuschia has found his home and his mistresses in Marseille … eight and a half years after disappearing. A veterinary assistant from a nearby clinic contacted them earlier this month to tell them the news, says BFM Marseille-Provence Wednesday 28 December 2022.

“She is healthy. Despite everything, we had to adapt her to her old house. Today, she is fine, although she is a little apprehensive.explained our colleagues Eva, the owner of the animal with his mother Valérie.

Searches in vain

This 12-year-old British Shorthair went missing in June 2014. Her lovers had tried everything to find her at the time. In particular, they had created a Facebook page and put up posters in the neighborhood. They had received several calls, but no one answered Fuschia.

According to one of the owners, the cat was stolen from their garden. “Our cats are loose in this garden from which it is absolutely impossible to escape and I am sure she was taken from us”, she says. In any case, the story ends well and Fuschia gradually resumes her habits.

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