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McDonald’s: When he wanted to taste his nuggets, this customer got a very bad surprise


A customer named Stuart will remember the order he placed at McDonald’s in the city of Wolverhampton for many years. While returning from a shift, the young man who works in the medical field was not entitled to his nuggets.

A fun surprise


After a long day at work, the young man comes home tired. After an argument on the road with a friend, Megan, he doesn’t want to cook for the evening: he detours to fast food. He decides to place an order for fun. After the visit to McDonald’s, the young man returns home very happy. Ready to taste a lovely menu with his wife, he doesn’t expect to experience a big disappointment. In fact, upon opening the box of nuggets, his morale collapses.

In the British newspaper The Mirror, Megan evokes this accident. “When Suart comes home and opens the box, I see in his eyes that he wants to cry “. But what happened in this fast food for the man to be in such a state? When she looks in the box of nuggets, Megan does not react in the same way. “At first I laughed. But when I saw his face, I understood that he was upset “. And for good reason, such a joke after a hard day’s work.

McDonald’s filling


Stuart just wanted to sit quietly at home. In fact, McDonald’s played a joke on him that he really won’t forget. In fact, his box of nuggets contained a dozen pickles. It is easy to imagine this man’s state of amazement, especially as he was delighted to taste his breaded chicken pieces. At Objeko, we often have the opportunity to talk about the composition of chicken nuggets.

We wouldn’t believe it, explains Megan during an interview with The Mirror. He was so hungry… He just wanted to eat. » But instead, the couple find themselves having to contact the fast food giant for an explanation.

Will McDonald’s apologize?


The members of the restaurant must have seen what they were doing. “They would have realized that when they filled the box. » Megan and Stuart think it’s a big joke…but it happened at the wrong time. Something to make them an unforgettable memory. In addition, they then had an official apology from McDonald’s communications services.

The fast food communication services advised the couple to ask for a goodwill gesture by filing a complaint on the fast food site. Sad at the time, the couple will remember this moment for a long time and will even laugh about it in the future. Especially since the situation could have been much worse. We remember another customer in England and had a fantastic surprise. In 2020, still in a box of nuggets, he had simply found a melted surgical mask. This time the case had a completely different outcome. In fact, it is much more serious.


Especially since McDonald’s is constantly looking to promote its restaurants and products. In fact, large advertising campaigns regularly take place on TV and on the street with billboards. McDonald’s clientele is very family oriented. Children, teenagers and adults alike love this restaurant chain. There are games to entertain children and special menus.

The idea is to make it possible to retain the youngest. Too many visits to McDonald’s restaurants can lead to obesity problems. Eating too much fat and too much sugar is not good for your health. It requires activity to eliminate. In addition, the managers of McDonald’s France have introduced salads in the menus. In the coming weeks and months, Objeko will not fail to tell you about the news about McDonald’s.




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